My return

Well, i thought that it might be a goot time to bring this page back from the undead. I might want to keep this place alive. The negt blog post is going to be about my experiences with Windows RT in 2017. Oh man, this is going to be fun.


Anyway, the blog’s name has been changed to “Something of a weird blog” and i might want to make some aesthetic chamges.


So… here we go!


Elementary OS is such a beautiful system.

There are many Linux distribution you can choose from: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, OpenSuse, Fedora, Arch (okay, that one is for more advanced users)… (I will make a post soon, why you should switch to (or atleast try) Linux, don’t worry it will be more objective and less fanboyish)

And what did I choose?

Elementary OS.

What is Elementary OS exactly?
Elementary OS is a Linux Distribution that connect many things I love from Mac OS X and Linux. It does one thing correctly where other distributions fails: simple and user-friendlyness. I don’t know why but everytime i switch to a linux system, i have the demand to switch back to Windows and otherwise. But with this system, i’m just happy.

Like what?

The Dock

z65okllYeah, I really like the Dock in the System. Like OS X, you can see which programs are currently open and you can add program icons for quick access.

The Design


Yeah, this is how my Elementary OS desktop looks like, and yes the optic is very OS Xish. And thats fine, cause its looks beautiful (you can hate me later) and to be honest, i made a few tweaks through elementary-tweaks (like arranging the window buttons like OS X) and added the numix-circle iconpack.

The build-in tools.

Hmmm…. The musicplayer has the problem, that i can’t really save playlists and the shuffle-feature shuffles only the whole music library and not just for the playlist. And the Video tool splits itself in two windows: the one with the control bar and a large whitescreen where the actual video is supposed to be, and a big window with the actual video


This is what i mean.

Alternative Tool: VLC Player

The Filemanager is very admirable and i really like the Tab feature (this is a feature i really miss on Windows).

The E-Mail tool Geary is a good tool for what it is. You can read and write emails and, yes.

To short this part, every build in tool (exept the music and video player) are very admirable for daily use.


Elementary OS is currently in the version 0.3.1 Freya and for a system that didn’t reached the 1.0 yet it’s very stable for daily use. The system uses as a base the Ubuntu version 14.04 LTS. Why LTS (Long Term Support)? It gives the developers enough time to support one version and they dont have to switch the system’s base after every regular Ubuntu major update. So the next version 0.4 will have as a base system the Ubuntu version 16.04 LTS, but it will be (maybe) released in 2017. Don’t worry, the system is still well supported by the elementary Team and Canonical (The company behind Ubuntu). Perfect for “never touch a running system” people! (Long Term Support versions have a support for 3 years while the normal Ubuntu versions are atleast supported for 9 months)

But Bewarb (sorry, i’m currently in hype for the upcoming Gravity Falls episode): If you use an UEFI system, you will have to do some other stuff like switching to Legacy mode, deleting the GRUB partition and create a EFI parition and fix it with boot-repair. etc. but i currently can’t look up for the workaround and i think its a bit deterrent for not-tech wizards.

So the laziest easiest way to install the system without bootproblems is to just set the boot settings to “legacy mode” or “BIOS Mode” or whatever.

What are you waiting for! Download it and try it out!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share this blog and leave a comment there about what you think about and how i can make my blog better!

EDIT: The guys from Elementary OS brought finally a new version (0.3.2) that contains the bugfixes for UEFI installations. So, have fun with the user-friendly installation!



It’s finally started

Whoa! I finally started my own blog. That is actually awesome! But I’m completly tired now and i need somehow to fill this post with filler without the lorem ipsum stuff

Okay, here is a gif of Squdward being shocked for now.


Please check this page out later for more